What a year!

2016 has nearly reached its end. But what a year it has been. With the passing of legendary names – Muhammad Ali Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Harper Lee to name a few, and the threats of recessions, this was a turbulent and difficult year.

We however have been keeping ourselves busy with work from existing clients as well as new ones which we have updated in our gallery, and also planning for 2017.

Believing that hard work as well as good work is key, we hope for better things in 2017. Here’s to you and us.


An advice to beginners…

Everyday is a learning process. Everyday we discover something new. This animation of a quote from Ira Glass is a reminder for me and those who are willing to listen..

Let’s help out

Instagram-GENERICRamadhan Kareem everyone.
Under the Ramadan Relief Initiative we are organising an event to help those who are less fortunate than us specifically the refugees, orphans and victims of oppressions. They lack food, shelter, love, assistance and etc.
The event is in Talent Lounge, Bangunan Mustafa Kamal, Damansara Perdana.
Each will start at 6 pm.
27 June the plight of the Rohinyas (Cafugees)
5 July Orphan Care – all matters related to adopting orphans
11 July plight of the Palestinians
A few activities planned for the day such as sharing of experiences, documentary presentations, Q&A and many more.
Some events will feature some special guests.
For those berpuasa, Talent Lounge has also prepared a buffet spread.  Part of the proceeds will be donated to the charity.
However if you are unable to attend but are willing to donate, you can do so direct to the respective charity.
• Carefugees – Maybank 5644-2710-0073 under Muslim Professionals Forum Berhad

• Orphan Care – CIMB Bank 8600860238 under Orphancare Foundation

• Viva Palestina – Maybank 5643-2460-1324 under VPM

For reservation or more info please call
Azlan: 016 4113104

Marion: 012 6808474

Unleash you inner Rembrandt

Believe it or not everyone is “creative”.  That is if we truly look at the definition of the word itself.

Creative is in actual fact relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

We have in many ways and countless times have used our imagination to solve a problem or to get what we want.

Getting that leave for example or those excuses for forgetting our wedding anniversary…